Take Total Control Over Your Street Lights

Afterglow Tech provides IoT Solutions to Empower & Enable Sustainable & Efficient Lighting Solutions.

Focused on increasing energy efficiency of outdoor lighting & Improving safety on streets while also establishing a robust and future ready infrastructure.

Benefits of Switching to Afterglow Tech

Energy Efficient

Stark Enables you to save up to 85% energy over conventional lamps and up to 40% on LED only. 

Low Maintenance Cost

Combining Stark with our Street Light Management Software enables in reducing maintenance costs up to 40% 

CO2 Emission

Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 7 times over existing lighting and also reduce Light pollution 

User Friendly Interface

Easy to use UI enables to easily locate, monitor and control the lights with multi language support.

Building Smarter Cities with Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Solutions provided by Afterglow Tech not only add value for your clients, but also help remotely monitor and control your lighting infrastructure more efficiently and effectively.

Afterglow Tech Smart Street Lighting Solutions can be applied in wide range of locations such as residential areas, secondary roads, bicycle paths, open parking spaces, commercial zones, ports, railway stations, metro stations and more.

We believe that products solving real world challenges are the future and a means to create a safer and cleaner earth. We enable cities to control their large outdoor lighting infrastructure by using our state-of-the-art wireless controllable street-light control gear. 

Afterglow is committed in providing street-lighting control gear solutions to equip facility managers,city managers and authorities to take control of the street-lights improving both safety and reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Our culture focuses on solving understanding real world challenges and enabling our customers with futuristic solutions to their challenges. Customer centric support with deep focus towards Research.

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Let's make your Streets safer

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