Why are we working towards solving challenges in street lighting ?
Streetlighting is one the major sources of wastage of energy more than 40% energy budget of any city or organization is spent on public lighting. Thus the magnitude of challenge is huge thus we are committed towards reducing energy wastage, maintenance costs and increased safety on road.
How Big Is The Problem ?
Across the globe there are more than 430 Million streelights which are yet to be made smart and enabled with the power of IoT. Afterglow is working toward achieving the goal of increasing energy efficiency in streetlighting and also improving safety on road.

Our Impact


Reduction of Street Lighting Cost with Afterglow Tech


Carbon Footprint Reduction

(INR) Energy Saved So Far

Why Afterglow 

Because Quality does matter
Built to last
Because safety is important
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No matter where you are we are there with you
We wont leave you in the dark

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