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Dimmable Street Lights

Dimmable LED Street lights by Afterglow Tech provide a 4 step process for dimming i.e.25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. These ranges are used at different time of the day or night depending upon the schedule given by the user. This also makes the street light energy efficient which in turn helps in saving energy up to 33% over LED lamps and 83% over sodium vapour lamps respectively. 

Dimmable Range

The dimmable range empowers the user to flexibly set the intensity of the LED according to the requirement. This enables the user to save energy by having low intensity while there is limited movement on lanes and have the right intensity at the right time.


Multiple Color Temperature

The color temperature options allows to cater for various surroundings with high CRI values to provide a rich experience to the by-passers. 

– 5700K (Recommended)

– 3000K 

– 7000K 

Reduced Glare & Light Pollution

In the effort to reduce light pollution, researchers have developed a “Unified System of Photometry,” which is a way to measure how much or what kind of street lighting is needed. Dimmable LED’s are highly preferred for all kind of surroundings, without disrupting the ecosystem.

Reliable Driver

The drivers protect LEDs from voltage or current fluctuations, are waterproof and inbuilt surge protection to cater for higher safety.

Stark - Smart Street Light Controller


4 Step Dimmable Range

The dimming range is divided into 4 stages. This saves time and allows the user to use the required intensity at a different time.

Wireless Control

All the devices are interconnected with a wireless network, removing the hassle of maintaining and protecting the connectors. 

Easy to Install

All the devices are of plug-n-play nature facilitating the user with easy to install process, saving time and installation costs.

Failure Detection

Detect failure of lamps to reduce downtimes 


IP-65 Certified

Built with care to cater for environmental ingress 

Street Light Management Software

The Street Light Management Software(SLMS) provided by Afterglow empowers the facility managers
and aministrators to control the intensity of the streetlight at different point of time.

Easy to use GUI

The Street Light Management System comes with an extremely user friendly graphical user interface, making it easy for the user to control intensity, set up autonomous on&off scheduling and failure detection.

Autonomous Scheduling

Autonomous Scheduling allows the user to set auto On & Off according to the sunrise and sunset timings and save energy. The user can choose to pre-program schedules, or manually manage every street lamp, according to their needs.

Real Time Energy Reports

Real time energy reports help the user understand energy consumption and savings on day to day basis, helping in calculation and reduction of operational costs. These reports are in a detailed formats, easy to understand and interpreted according to further use

Alerts for Failures

The software provides real time failure alerts so that the corrective action can be taken in order to procure safety of the premises. These messages are sent in emails and text messages as well, in case software is inaccessible at the time of failure.

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